Early voting option in Nevada 2020 Democratic Caucus

RENO, NV (KOLO) The Democratic Party here in Nevada says elections wouldn’t be elections in the silver state without early voting.

So now, early voting will be part of the Democratic Caucus here in Nevada.

Four years ago thousands of northern Nevadans gathered at local schools and elsewhere to participate in the Nevada Caucuses.

Unlike a primary, neighbors meet at a location and talk to each other about their choice for president. They form groups, sometimes switch alliances, and eventually a final tally is taken.

While this state has tried to emulate Iowa...a caucus hasn't been as well understood by voters here.

Now the state party says it wants to offer something Nevadans understand.

“We now have four days of opportunities to go early caucus,” says Zachary Lyford, Executive Director of Washoe County’s Democratic Party.

Early voting will take place from February 15 through the 18 2020.

Lyford says it's a way to capture those who cannot participate in the caucuses on February 22nd--especially when participants are asked to stay until the delegates are chosen.

Early voting has become part of Nevada elections where here in Washoe County and elsewhere across the state more than 50% of voters cast a ballot early.

But this is also in response to the national party's absentee voting mandate.

The democratic caucus is run by the party itself.

But Lyford says making the process easier for everyone to participate in a system that closely resembles what they understand should bring even more people to a caucus.

“It's different. It is very Nevada,” says Lyford. “And it is very...we have a way of doing things, we have so many views in this state and this is a way to incorporate that,” he says.

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