Early Democratic caucus voting locations announced

Published: Jan. 15, 2020 at 5:52 PM PST
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Four years ago the Nevada Caucuses in Nevada were well attended.

But each event, Nevada Democrats say they refine the process to get more and more people involved in the process.

We made some changes, some significant changes from 2016,” says Sarah Mahler with the Democratic Party of Washoe County.

Since 2016, the state Democratic Party has been working on an early voting concept which could take place before the statewide caucuses.

With the blessing of the national party, Nevada will be the only state with early caucus voting during the democratic presidential primary season.

Unlike caucus day, where friends and neighbors meet at schools, community centers, and other locations to talk about the candidates and eventually state and vote their preference, early voters will be asked to cast a ballot with their first choice--second, third and so on.

Those presidential preferences will be counted and held in abeyance until caucus day February 22, 2020.

”On early caucus you can go where you want to,” says Mahler. “On caucus day, you have to go where your precinct is assigned. And just as a little aside, people from Carson City cannot come into Washoe County and vote. People in Washoe County can go to Lyon or Carson or some other county. You are county specific,” she says

As counting begins during precinct voting on the day of the caucus, an early voter's first choice will be added to others in their precinct who voted the same.

If that first choice does not make the first alignment because there aren't enough votes, their second choice is added to the mix.

If there aren't enough votes for that candidate, the person's third choice will go to the next choice candidate and so on.

Totals will be announced later in the day on February 22nd.

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