Reno woman stuck in windshield after being hit by driver

Published: Jan. 8, 2019 at 9:48 PM PST
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A Reno woman remains in a Sacramento hospital after police say she was hit by a car while riding her skateboard shortly after Christmas. Detectives say 27-year-old Kelly Cass, after being hit, was sent flying through the windshield, and officers say the driver kept going with the victim partially inside.

After countless trips back and forth to Sacramento, Kelly’s mother Cristie sat down for her only television interview here in their hometown. It's a story of recovery, perseverance and faith.

December 27, 2018, Cristie Cass's heart dropped…receiving an unthinkable phone call regarding her daughter Kelly, as she details, “There's moments of feeling down and moments of feeling down and moments of this is unfair but really her spirits are good."

Kelly was skateboarding near her neighborhood in Citrus Heights, California, a Sacramento suburb. Detectives say Angel Huerta hit Kelly on her skateboard at close to 40 miles per hour, sending her body through his windshield, and detectives say Huerta kept driving with Kelly partially inside.

“The bicyclist thought that he would see a person in bad shape. When the car pulled away, he didn't see a body, there was shoes and a skateboard but no body. She asked the driver to please call for help and when it became clear that he wasn't going a matter of fact he stopped his car in an intersection and left her in there in and walked away," Cristie explains.

Kelly sustained shattered bones in her legs, along with arm and neck injuries as her mother adds, "Shortly after the police arrived on the scene of the accident, they got a call from Kelly saying that she had been hit and she wasn't sure where she was and they used the navigation on her phone to find her."

Huerta was arrested a short time later. He's facing a handful of charges including felony DUI and hit-and-run with death or serious injury.

Cristie states, "I think it is hideous but to be honest I try not to pay much of my attention to the driver, beyond what kind of human being does that." The Cass family is thankful that this smile is beaming even brighter. "She had to have been in God's hands as she went through that windshield. That's the only thing that explains how she came out with no damage to her upper body or internally," her mother says. Faith is the force that's guiding them all. Cristie says her daughter is already showing astounding strength.

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