Drag Queen Story Hour in Sparks causes controversy

Published: Jul. 20, 2019 at 4:18 PM PDT
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Hundreds of people turned out for the local Drag Queen Story Hour at the Sparks Library on July 20. The event causing controversy and igniting fueled emotions by both sides.

"I'm proud to see the turnout of the counter protesters here versus the anti-gay agenda protesters that are here," Mike Contos, a Sparks resident, says.

Some opposed say this is too much too soon for children.

"That sends chills up my spine, I don't believe that should be what we are subjecting our kids to," Loy Mach, another resident, says.

The Lander family brought their daughter, Trinity to the event. Her parents say this is about teaching her to love everyone.

"She's kind of at an impressionable age and we thought this was a great opportunity and we will be going to the pride parade next week as well," Nichole Lander says.

Others say they should have been given more notice beforehand.

"There should have been some input from the public and maybe a little debate. However, that being said, I will defend with my life their right to do this," Bruce Parks says.

Director of the Washoe County Library System, Jeff Scott, says this began as a pilot program and encourages those against it to give the event a chance.

"I can send them all the literature I want to get them to understand what's going on but this is more of the Mr. Rogers agenda here you know love thy neighbor, it's not a complicated message and it's not hard to do and I hope at some point they understand that," Scott says.