Dozens of drivers followed Google Maps directions and wound up stuck in mud

AURORA, Colo. (KMGH/CNN) - Some drivers said their Google Maps app sent them on a strange and dangerous detour.

Drivers said they were led astray by Google Maps, winding up stuck on a muddy road in Colorado. (Source: Connie Monsees/KMGH/CNN)

One of the drivers who got stuck took pictures of the scene on Sunday.

The app sent dozens of vehicles on a route that included a dirt road, which was a muddy mess thanks to recent rain.

There was a “road closed” sign, but it had fallen over and was difficult to see.

Some cars got stuck and other vehicles quickly backed up behind them. There were also a couple of ditches that were hard for cars to cross.

Drivers couldn’t even turn around because there were fields or trenches on either side of the one-lane road.

“Why did Google send us out there to begin with?” asked Connie Monsees, who was one of the drivers led astray by the directions. “There was no turning back once you were out there.”

The road is reportedly privately owned and maintained, but neither the City of Denver nor the City of Aurora could say whether the dirt road was really closed to traffic.

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