Nevada pilot in fatal house crash had been disciplined

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LOS ANGELES (AP) - The pilot whose plane broke apart and crashed into a Southern California home was disciplined for dangerous flying years earlier.

Antonio "Tony" Pastini. Photo courteous Julia Ackley.

Antonio Pastini died Sunday along with four people on the ground when his Cessna came apart and wreckage struck and burned a Yorba Linda home.

The Los Angeles Times reports Friday that records indicate Pastini lost his pilot's license for 120 days in 1977 after he flew from Las Vegas to Long Beach, California, in cloudy, icy weather and falsely told an air traffic controller he had instrument clearance. A judge found he had posed a potential threat to himself and others.

The Times says Pastini's license was pulled for 30 days in 1980 because his plane was judged "unairworthy" because of a brake fluid leak and other problems.

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