Doral Academy students pay it forward by stocking karma boxes

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Doral Academy students are helping pay it forward.

What started out as a school wide initiative to practice kindness and gratitude has spread across the city.

The goal was to bring in 1,000 items to donate to the karma boxes in less than an hour.

Perlich siblings Lydia, Kyle and Allyson all brought in various items from canned goods to hygiene products.

"There was a bunch of food in there and it was just filled up a little and once we added to it, then it was all filled up," said Lydia.

With everyone pitching it, more than 5,000 items were donated across Washoe county.

"I'm still processing the day because it was so amazing what our little Doral Academy did with this tiny idea to give back to our community and what it's turned into," said Doral Academy school counselor Anni Chedwick.

Allyson added, "We also made cards, that we put in every item and so now they're in the karma boxes so when people get the products, there's inspirational sayings in there like you're awesome, you can do it, don't give up and things like that.

The boxes were put up by the Life Change Center as a way for the community to donate essential items with the idea of doing good deed will bring good fortune.

"I also recommend doing it because one small act of kindness can lead a long way," said Kyle.

They even got a little help from Washoe County sheriff Darin Balaam.

He helped stuffed the karma box outside the sheriff's office this week.
"What I've seen watching this is so many people and those acts of kindness and making a difference in people's lives," said Sheriff Balaam. "We never have to ask. I check on it once a week and it's always stocked."

Chedwick siblings Alivia, Teagen and Nicola say it doesn't take much to make a huge difference in our community.

"It's super fun and it feels good to see all the boxes get filled and see all the things to help someone else," said Teagen.

"When you do something nice it makes you feel really good," added Nicola.

Doral Academy students say even though they've already hit their goal, they will carry on the kindness initiative and continue filling up the karma boxes.

"It's a good thing to do because it just makes you feel good about it and that you helped others," said Alivia.

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