Donations from IHOP pancake day go to helping local children

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - March 12 is National Pancake Day, which is IHOP’s busiest day. People flock to IHOP to get free pancakes. People have an option to donate, and all the proceeds will go toward Renown’s Children’s Miracle Network, which raises money to pay for medical expenses for children in our area.

Angela Bakker is a beneficiary of the Children’s Miracle Network, which helped her daughter, Naomi Bakker, who was born at 12 ounces, making her one of the smallest surviving babies in the world.

“There was a problem in utero; she was starving to death,” said Angela, “So while some babies survive at 25 weeks, Naomi was tiny; she was under a pound at birth.”

Many doctors told Angela her baby would not live and if she by some miracle survived, she would be severely disabled.

“Doctors really prompted us to get an abortion because it was going to affect my health too,” said Angela.

Angela and her husband decided to keep the baby and she delivered at Renown.

“And we were basically expecting to just hold her until she died,” said Angela.

But Naomi was a fighter. She spent 142 days at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Eventually, she went home happy and healthy.

“She defied all odds,” said Angela. “She is pretty well-known because she has proved medically that something they did not believe possible was possible.”

Naomi is 3 years old now. She served pancakes at the IHOP in Spanish Springs Tuesday morning.

“We are hoping that you go to IHOP to enjoy a free pancake, be patient, wait in line, but also donate if you can,” said Angela.

The donations will help someone like Naomi.