President-elect Trump taunts Heck for un-endorsement and loss

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LAS VEGAS (AP) - President-elect Donald Trump taunted fellow Republican Rep. Joe Heck for losing the Nevada Senate race after Heck disavowed him.

Trump didn't mention Heck's name in a Tuesday interview with The New York Times, but he referred to Heck as a Nevada senator who unendorsed him and then "went down like a lead balloon." Heck is actually a three-term member of the House.

Trump was talking about how he helped Republicans win the Senate majority when many doubted he could.

He said he was asked to endorse Heck before the election but refused and said "off the record, I hope you lose."

Heck had led in early polls but struggled to navigate a middle course on Trump and lost by 2 points.

Heck spokespeople didn't immediately comment on Trump's account.

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