Dogs from hoarding situation need help

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Reno resident Michelle Danielson was called by a friend last month who said her mother was in medical decline.

Michelle headed to Arkansas and what she found was heartbreaking.

“It was tough,” says Michelle. “I've never been involved in a hoarding situation. So it was all new to me,” she says.

Danielson says a tiny trailer and the land around it were in disarray.

Inside the trailer, stained carpet, clothing and cabinets.

Michelle says volunteers had already moved 50-bags of trash out of the trailer before she arrived.

Inside the bathroom is where 4 cats stayed.

“So there were dogs on chains, short chains in barrels,” says Michelle of the situation outside.

Michelle says she rented a van and hauled six dogs to northern Nevada in hopes of finding them a home.

“I think people are good people. They want to help,” she says.

“This is Rosa and this is Palestine,” she says of the two dogs near her lap.

Rosa and Palestine are the only two left.

She thinks the two females are beagle hound crosses, and she says they had a job back in Arkansas.

“They would oversee the other dogs that were on chains. They would run around and give them all love every day,” says Michelle.

The two dogs have had limited contact with humans.

While Rosa has warmed up and is friendly, Palestine is still reserved and apprehensive.

The two have had their shots and have tested positive to heartworm which they are now being treated.

Michelle says those interested in adopting one or both of the dogs needs to spend time with them and let them know, there's a big beautiful and caring world out there.

If you would like more information on Rosa and Palestine, contact Michelle at: 775-745-2946.

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