Problems of dogs eating marijuana increase

RENO, NV (KOLO) -- It is not uncommon to see pictures of police dogs standing next to the illegal drug stash they’ve found.

But what you don’t see that often, dogs and their physical reaction after they’ve ingested marijuana.

A pet poison control center says it’s happening more often with calls up nearly 450% in six years.

“We've seen several,” says Dr. Katie Cox, a veterinarian with Fairgrounds Animal Hospital in Reno.

Dr. Cox says in the past, dog owners were not forthcoming with information about what their pet may or may not have ingested.

But she encourages pet owners to get to their veterinarian’s office as soon as possible.

“You know if there is a smell in the room, we will ask that,’ say Dr. Cox. “And there is no judgment involved. We just want to know what your dog possibly got in to. So we know how best to treat,” she says.

Symptoms include:
Glazed eyes,
Difficulty walking,

The symptoms can last anywhere from five minutes, to 12 hours--depending upon the dog.

Because dogs can ingest marijuana through second hand smoke, eating a marijuana cigarette remnant, or ingesting food laced with cigarette, just as with kids, its best to keep it out of the reach of your pet.

The drug can be lethal to your dog--depending upon how much he takes in.

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