Dog toy sold locally poses risk

RENO, NV (KOLO) Little Miss Daisy is all smiles now.

But back in January, in Wrentham, Massachusetts, her owner bought her a Benebone chew toy she thought Daisy would like.

But a short time later -- "I said why isn't she eating that?” said Irene Levesque, Daisy’s owner. “And I looked and the pull toy was lodged."

Irene called the local fire department, who was only able to do so much for Daisy.

She was eventually taken to a veterinary hospital to have the dog toy cut off with a cast saw. The pull toy was stuck around her lower jaw and lodged between the front teeth.

“The firemen did a great job. Firefighters and one police officer were there. Everyone tried to remove it,” says Irene.

“Yea I can definitely see that happening,” says Dr. Katie Cox, a veterinarian with Fairgrounds Animal Hospital. “Other dogs especially if they are not monitored. Or even if they are, they are sneaky little guys and they will get into anything,” she said.

Dr. Cox says such toys can also damage teeth, or be ingested, which could require surgery.

She says the rule of thumb is to press your thumb on the toy, if there is no give, don't give the toy to your dog.

Dr. Cox provided us with a list of dog toys recommended by veterinarians from across the country.

They include: Kong, Petsafe, Goughnuts, Planet Dog, Zogoflex, and Busy Buddies.

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