Document: Vegas man allegedly planned to attack McDonald's

Conor Climo, a Las Vegas man arrested after bomb-making materials were found in his homes and threats against members of the public became known, Photo: Conor Climo / LinkedIn via MGN.
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LAS VEGAS (AP) - A court document says a Las Vegas man accused of plotting to firebomb a synagogue or bar catering to LGBT customers also allegedly planned an attack on a fast-food restaurant.

U.S. Magistrate Nancy Koppe wrote in a detention order for 23-year-old Conor Climo on a weapons charge that he had written plans to attack a McDonald's "and talked about the attack as a suicide mission."

Climo's defense attorneys did not immediately respond to emails Saturday about the allegation contained in the order signed Aug. 9 by Koppe and made public Wednesday.

Climo was arrested Aug. 8 by an FBI-led anti-terrorism task force.

Court documents allege Climo communicated by encrypted internet chat with people identified as white supremacists, and told an FBI informant that he was scouting places to attack.

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