Washoe's first digital school day called a success

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO)-- The Washoe County School District had its first digital school day and it was successful, Deputy Superintendent Kristen McNeill said.

Now, during bad weather days, when getting to school turns into a challenging task, students are asked to complete their work at home.

“I don't want my child to fall behind if they're missing school, but at the same point don't see how I am going to teach them school,” says parent Amity Adams.

For some parents, that adds an unnecessary pressure, and they say there should be other ways to make up for school work.

“It stresses me out 'cause I see them stressed out and I work two jobs, I am never home, and it's really hard to make sure they are doing it. And I know my kids; they'd rather be outside playing than working on that and on a day like today I don't blame them, 'cause, you know what, instead of working I’d rather be under a blanket with a bowl of soup watching a movie,” says parent Samantha Adams.

Washoe County school officials say teachers will be available online to help students.