Development impacting under-housed people

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Donald Griffin is only one of the 4,000 people in Reno living in weekly motels, many of them displaced following recent downtown demolition.

“This is an empty lot. Three motels used to be here, and they went on and demolished them, leaving people without a home to go to and a river to stay at,” says the under housed Griffin.

“Call it barely making it, because I have a full-time job and I’m still having a full-time job in a weekly motel that I am in, I pay monthly, but if I was to miss a day, it would dramatically hurt me, so I am unable to miss a day, even to go see my kids when I have the chance, because I have to pay this high rent,” he says.

To help people like Donald, a faith group called ‘Actionn’ invited community leaders to go on Reno's Last Resort. a tour to provide a first-hand experience on what it feels like to be under-housed.

“I refuse to believe that as we have billion-dollar companies relocating to our state, we don't have the resources available to build the housing, we don't have the will of the leaders to make hard decisions and to make sure those resources are being used properly, to make sure everyone in our community can thrive,” says J.D. Klippenstein.

The goal of the tour is to help bring the community together, ensuring tenant rights and funding for affordable housing.