Demolition, transition begins at Shoppers Square

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RENO, NV (KOLO) A small crowd gathered at Plumb and South Virginia Monday morning.
they were there to turn the page on a key piece of Reno real estate.

When built-- Shoppers Square-and Park Lane across the street--marked a big change in local retail. As stores left the downtown, Plumb and South Virginia became the center of local shopping.

Fifty six years later Reno and retail in general have changed. Park Lane is already in transition and it's time for a change over here.

"It's time," says project partner Rick Casazza, "A building can only be utilized for so long and retail changes."

The location was once on the edge of Reno. His family has owned it for most of a century. When Rick Casazza was born--he notes--Plumb Lane was a dirt road.

But the location remains prime real estate and he and his partner are betting it's ready for something new.

"It's bitter sweet, but it's as exciting as heck because we're taking it to the next step."

And what they are planning is something Reno hasn't seen before.

Some of the tenants will be familiar, others will be brand new, but the theme will be decidedly local.

It will be anchored by a huge food court 15 to 20 different restaurants, Truckee's 50-50 Brewing and featuring many from the local food truck scene and an arts and entertainment venue along with a grocery store.

"This will be a community gathering space like we used to see back in the day,: says Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve.

Demolition began right after ceremonies today. Some of the present building will come down. A portion will stay and new quarters for tenants like Port of Subs and Coldstone Creamery will be built.

It will all happen in stages. Everything to be finalized by the spring of 2021.

"To see a project of this magnitude in the center of town is going to speak volumes to the Reno revitalization that we've been seeing," says the mayor. Again I keep saying it "Reno Revival.'">