Cattle guards will be removed in south Reno neighborhood

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -- People in south Reno say the cattle guards to keep horses safe aren't doing their job.

"When it first went in, we just looked at it and said this isn't right," said Jim Lewis, neighbor.

People living near the cattle guards in Damonte Ranch say they are a nuisance.

"There are not like any other cattle guards you see around Reno," said Lewis.

If the residents had their way, they would make sure they never see another cattle guard again.

"We support the idea of taking those out," said a concerned resident.

Neighbors frustrated with the guards voiced their concerns to the Reno Planning Commission.

The cattle guards were a requirement put on the developer of a nearby Lennar subdivision by the Reno Planning Commission to keep wild horses safe. Neighbors say noise was just one of the biggest issues.

"I was concerned for the children riding bicycles across there. There was no other way across and it was a dangerous situation for them," said Lewis.

After public comments Thursday night, the tenacity of the residents paid off. The commission unanimously voted in favor of removing the two guards. Commission Vice Chair Mark Johnson appreciated the passion the residents brought to this issue.

"The first time we heard about this, our emails were flooded over the span of two days. I think I received 30 all about this," said Johnson.

The decision could be appealed to the Reno City Council, but it is likely final.