Dalmatian mix dogs from flood-ravaged TX need local homes

Published: Sep. 18, 2017 at 4:53 PM PDT
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We've seen the pictures from Texas as pet owners and rescue groups do their part to save dogs and cats from flood waters brought on by Hurricane Harvey.

Sparks resident Michelle Danielson with Dalmatian Rescue Colorado watched it too, with particular attention on Port La Vaca, Texas. That's where a colleague from the Dalmatian rescue was trying to pick up three Dalmatians facing flooding conditions and euthanization at the shelter there.

Her colleague was having trouble accessing the area. That's when Michelle decided to help.

With her friend Eileen and dog Marshall they headed for Texas September 5 in a UHaul and 1500 pounds of pet food. Called “Marshall's Mission”, the three traveled four-thousand miles to rescue the dogs, and drop off the food at Waco Texas.

Mission accomplished.

“And they were so grateful to have supplies as they were running really low,” says Danielson with Dalmatian Rescue Colorado.

They drove for hours, stopping in dog-friendly motels.

Back in town, two of the dogs have already been adopted. But Pooh and Satin are now looking for homes. Both will need training that Michelle is happy to provide.

But 11-month-old Satin will need additional training, as she is deaf.

If you think you can help out, here is Michelle's email: KNMdanielson@sbcglobal.net.