Nevada DMV announces June 15th reopening date

Published: May. 28, 2020 at 4:20 PM PDT
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The Nevada DMV has announced that it will be reopening its offices on Monday, June 15, 2020.

Once the DMV in Reno reopens, it will look much like you would expect. Staff members will be socially distanced, occupying every other window with sneeze guards.

All the chairs where customers anxiously awaited their number to be called will be stacked to the side. There will be no recording playing overhead.

The DMV will first serve customers who have pressing needs and those who scheduled appointments before the department closed.

“We will start contacting customers as soon as tomorrow, to let them know you were in our database for an appointment before we closed or during the closure,” says Tonya Laney with the DMV. “In order of priority it is going to be people who have not been on the road driving. And they need to be on the road to get to their places of employment, to get to medical visits to take care of family members children. That is going to be our order of priority.”

There will be a limited number of people allowed in the building at one time. They will not be asked to wear a mask, but staff members will be wearing them. Social distancing will be emphasized, which means no long lines and no filled waiting rooms.

“The last numbers I had looked we were 100,000 expired customers in the system,” says Laney. “So, what that means is customers had an expiration date from the day we closed mid-March until I looked at that report about a week ago.”

Laney says customers will be encouraged to work online to complete transactions which she says make up about 50% of the work done here.

For those who cannot complete those transactions online, a table is set up to drop off the material. Customers will be asked to pick up the completed documents later.

To renew a document, customers have 90 days from the DMV opening day to complete the task.

One final bit of advice: if you live in a metro area like Reno and often go to rural DMVs to get service, the DMV says you will be turned away once the rural offices open throughout the state.

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