DMV to place odometer reading requirement into effect

Published: Sep. 26, 2019 at 11:16 PM PDT
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Starting next month,

, which was passed in the 2019 Nevada Legislature, will take effect at the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. This will require drivers to submit their odometer readings when they register or renew their vehicle.

Starting Tuesday, October 1, 2019 the DMV will ask for your mileage to help evaluate our highway construction and maintenance needs.

Many in our community are concerned with the new program, questioning how the DMV will track mileage, especially for those who commute to California for work. Others claim it is unnecessary because they already report their miles when they get their smog checked.

“This is just information gathering and we are compiling the total amount of miles traveled in Nevada for the legislator,” Sean Sever, Carson City DMV Administrator said.

Motorcycles and mopeds are exempt, but owners of all other cars, trucks, buses and recreational vehicles are required to report, including electric vehicles.

The DMV will use the readings from smog checks performed in Clark and Washoe County to make it easier.

“Customers in the other 15 counties in Nevada will have to physically get there odometer readings off their vehicle and bring into the DMV, so we are encouraging people to take a picture or write it down before you come in,” Sever said.

Community members are also concerned about if they are unable to read the digital odometer.

“We don’t require the exact amount of mileage, even if somebody comes in and they don’t know what it is they can estimate what it is, but there is a field where they have to enter something,” Sever said.

If the wrong mileage information is submitted, it can affect the cost of the vehicle trying to be sold, and fraud can be suspected.

While the public may worry about the tracking and sharing of personal information, DMV officials say it is simply mileage gathering for the legislation.

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