Digital Days replace Snow Days for WCSD students

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) "Well, I thought the day off of school was cool, but the snow is really wet."

Will students in Washoe County ever be able to say that again?

Typically on heavy snow days, many students would gather at McQueen High and sled. But with the new digital days, they'll be keeping the sleds in the garage, and sliding into a little school work.

“We are calling them digital days,” says Kristen McNeill, Washoe County School District Deputy Superintendent. McNeill says snow days were called when travel to and from school grounds was too hazardous for faculty, students and staff.

WCSD clarifies info about snow days becoming homework days

Digital days will now mean students will get their assignments at home from their teachers through texting, email, or some method so that students continue with school and not have to make up those additional days at the end of the school year.

“And each school is going to have their own unique digital day plan. At one elementary school it is going to look very different than another elementary school. It is tailored to the need and the fit of students,” says McNeill.

For students who don't have access at home to the internet, email or some other form of electronic device to receive messages from their teachers, McNeill says they will have a day or days to complete the assignment once school goes back into session. That's equal to the time fellow students had at home on a digital day.