DETR backlog straining families

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) -- Nathan Liebespeck and his wife Olivia recall a night when their seven month old daughter Kensington was hungry and in need of formula.

7-month-old Kensington's father resorted to breaking into her piggy bank to buy her formula as he waits for DETR to process his unemployment insurance claim filed more than eight weeks ago.

Olivia was working nights at Panasonic at this time leaving dad alone to help his daughter.

"We happened to run out of the kind she normally eats and I tried some of the other stuff the free sample you get from the hospital and they just weren't enough, she didn't like it." Nathan said.

KOLO 8 Evening Anchor turns to Olivia and says, "You're at Panasonic. Your husband calls about your daughter. Tell me about that conversation."

"I was like Oh, wait there's money in her piggy bank if you want to use that," Olivia.

"So we went ahead and did that and got her the formula that she likes and then she was a happy kid," Nathan.

"What going through your mind when you had to do that?" Bond.

"We're getting to the point something has to be done about the process," Nathan.

He says he lost his job as an electricians apprentice March 23 because of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

He says he filed for unemployment insurance that night, but has not yet received a payment.

"You told me you feel like you're in limbo with DETR you don't know where you're at. What would you like to see happen with this entire process?" Bond.

"Honestly I don't care if they give me a date a month from now. Hey were' going to call you on the 24 of next month and get you taken care of at least we have some information," Nathan.

Even though his wife Olivia is working at Panasonic she says it's not enough to pay all the bills.

Meanwhile, DETR is hiring more workers to process claims.

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