Couple celebrates 76th year of marriage

Published: Oct. 7, 2018 at 9:44 PM PDT
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Millie and Mac McGuire are 94 years old. They met in high school, when they were 18. This week they celebrate their 76th year of marriage.

“Oh my, the first time I saw Millie was right there in high school, all of sudden Millie got in the picture and the first time she got into the picture that was it,” said Mac McGuire. “We really knew then that was going to be it. In those days they called it puppy love, and they said it would never survive,” he says. But it sure did, and 76 years later, they still celebrate their love.

“We used to think 74 was old, and our son is 74 now and that’s not old at all,” says Millie.

Whether you are a romantic, you must be wondering what the secret to keeping such a long relationship is.

“I don’t think the secret is the word, I think the word that explains is trust,” says Mac. For Millie, the secret for a long-lasting relationship is to respect and compliment each other. “He complimented my cooking when sometimes it didn’t deserve a compliment,” she says.

But this year Millie isn’t cooking, and to celebrate their anniversary they are going out to a nice dinner. They also say the best is yet to come. “We are just looking at so much more pleasure coming up,” says Mac.