Cortez Masto introduces new legislation to make walking to school safer

Published: Jan. 14, 2020 at 11:31 PM PST
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As it stands right now, lawmakers say that high school students are not receiving the education or federal funding to help keep them safe when walking and biking to and from school.

"Currently there are programs that exist through the federal government that come into our communities that really focus on elementary and middle schools and educating and infrastructure to ensure they have safe routes to school but that should include high school students as well," Senator Catherine Cortez Masto says.

Twelve of the more than 20 Washoe County School District students who have been hit by cars this school year were high schoolers.

In response to all of the crashes, Cortez Masto has introduced new legislation with a Republican Senator from North Dakota called, "The Safe Routes to All Schools Act."

"Unfortunately what we have seen in the last two years in Washoe County were two unfortunate deaths of two high school students on their way to school so my legislation includes all students," she said.

RTC worked on the bill with the senators.

"Should this legislation pass, high school students will now be included to receive the funds of the Safe Routes to School Act funding to provide them education and training and safety equipment so that their routes to school are also safe," Michael Moreno, of RTC, said.

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