Discussions continued for Cold Springs development

RENO, Nev (KOLO) -- The Reno Planning Commission discussion on the Stonegate project in Cold Springs will continue August 30, 2017.

Planning commissioners unanimously voted Thursday to extend discussions after several topics were not discussed.

The Stonegate Project wants to bring an upscale type of community to the Cold Springs area. The developer wants to bring more than 4,000 homes and neighborhood shops like boutique restaurants and coffee shops over a 20-year period.

"You are not going to find your Starbucks at this location. You are not going to find your CVS. It's going to be more of your small retail,” said a representative with Stonegate project.

Local residents wanted nothing to do with the new residential development.

"City of Reno is our neighbors. You guys are taking over our front yards with your backyards. You guys are affecting what is happening in our yard and it's time for you guys to be good neighbors," said a Cold Springs resident.

"Let have a moral decision and not a financial decision," said a Cold Springs resident.

One of the big sticking points for longtime residents is the traffic it will create on U.S. 395, but the developers argue it won't be as bad if another type of development is built.

"Every development is going to have traffic. If you put them side by side, industrial development creates more traffic than residential development,” said a representative with Stonegate project.

Another concern residents have is the public safety aspect. The closest Reno Fire station to the proposed development is 14 minutes away. However, the closest Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District station is only six minutes away.

Reno Fire Chief Dave Cochran says the agency has an agreement with the county fire that will take care of that issue.

"Reality is that there just aren't that many calls up there right now because there are not the people or the threat. But if there was a threat or there was a fire then we would have the automatic aide agreement to fall back on," said Fire Chief Cochran.

Developers say building a new fire station near the development is in the planning stages.

Reno Police Department says the project could result in needing 16 to 19 additional police officers.

If approved, the project will exceed capacity for the school system in the Cold Springs area. Washoe County School District leaders are in the very early stages of planning on building more schools in the area.

If the Planning Commission approves the project, it will go to the Reno City Council.