Cause undetermined for south Reno condominium fire

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Reno Fire Department investigators say they don't know the cause of a fire that displaced 15 residents at the Meadowood Manor Condominiums, and they may never know. Four units were destroyed in the fire whose cause remains undetermined two weeks later, according to Fire Marshal Tray Palmer.

Photo courtesy City of Reno

Reno Fire says the fire started just after 11AM February 5, 2019 at the complex on Delucchi Lane. It came on quickly, and residents had little time to react.

“Fire, fire, fire, get out, get out, get out,” said Craig Bowman as he knocked on doors of the complex. Bowman says he was working in an adjacent apartment and saw and smelled the smoke.

“So we kept knocking on doors and the fire department, they came out pretty quick, the cops were here, the paramedics. So I hope everyone got out,” said Bowman.

Reno Fire says everyone did get out okay with one resident treated for minor injuries on scene. Reno Fire Chief Dave Cochran says of the eight damaged units, half were heavily damaged, if not worse.

The fire took the structure down to its frame. The balcony lay on the grass in front of the frame—black and bent. That is why firefighters stayed well after the fire was out. The building was unstable and needed to be secured to prevent injury to anyone at the complex.

Chief Cochran says quick action by everyone prevented the fire from being a whole lot worse.

“We did protect 40 units; the main concern there was the spread to those units, because it got going so big, so hot, so quickly. 40 people made an aggressive attack. Interior as well as cutting holes in the roof to help vent and get the smoke and heat out of that. So when all was said and done, they did a great job,” said Chief Cochran.

Photo courtesy City of Reno