Company headed to USA Parkway has new way of battery disposal

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STOREY COUNTY, Nev. (KOLO) - A company coming to northern Nevada is bringing with it a new way to safely dispose of batteries.

Traditionally, when a battery is recycled, it's burned in a process called smeltering. But that process leaves a lead by-product, and it sends dangerous chemicals into the air. Now, there's a more environmentally-friendly process to separate the lead.

Selwyn Mould, Aqua Metals COO, says, "In the US there's well over a million tons of lead that are recycled each day, eight million tons of lead around the world recycled every year, so this is about, this is about one percent of the US recycling capacity when it comes onstream, so, relatively small. We expect it to be the first of many "

Aqua Metals is preparing to open near the Tesla gigafactory in USA Parkway in July 2016. Managers plan to hire 70 people.