Community pillar: Mount reflects on decades of service

RENO. Nev. (KOLO) The New Year calls for a time of reflection and there's a lot to reflect on when you've spent the better half of your life helping others. For Evelyn Mount, she's clocked in almost 45 years in Reno feeding the area's hungry and less fortunate. As we've reported, this past Christmas was the final event for the Evelyn Mount Community Outreach Program. The community pillar says she gives every ounce of credit to a higher power.

Synonyms for generous include…charitable, considerate and unselfish. Those are all perfect adjectives to describe Evelyn Mount.

“If I don't look at someone and ask God to lift them up, then I'm missing my blessing and my blessing is, Lord help me to be Your own servant to your people, in Your way and not in my own way,” Mount explains. She's a strong believer in God and for almost a century that she's lived on this earth, her goal has been helping others as she details, “We were raised to take care of other people before we take care of each other.”

In the mid-1970s Mrs. Mount moved from Los Angeles to Reno. She didn't come with the plans to start feeding the area's hungry; it's just something that is natural to her. The Evelyn Mount Community Outreach Program has fed tens of thousands throughout the decade and if it was up to Mrs. Mount, she'd keep going forever. But time has a way with catching up with us as she tells us, “I can't see very well at all, I can't hear very good and I can't walk very good.”

But her heart is still just as full. Now in 2019, she's taking it easy, saying the program will not continue any longer, “But I thank God for what I am...I will soon be 93 years old and I thank God for that. At first I was worried about it, but I'm not worried about it anymore because I've served His people for as long as I could to the best that I could.”

On her own time she says she'll still be assisting close to a dozen seniors she simply can't let go.

“I'm going to take my Social Security and help these few seniors that I know are disabled, whether I take them a drink of water or a bite of long as I help them, I'll be satisfied here,” Mount states.

So what brings Evelyn Mount so much joy? Her answer…”The love of God, and doing right by people I come in contact with. Just like I come in contact with you. I don't come in contact with you with a frown on my face or something that I think is wrong with you...instead I say oh how are you? God Bless you.”

Now it's time to take it easy after an astounding and beneficial service has come to an end. Mrs. Mount says she's looking forward to being taken care of and celebrated on her 93rd birthday, which is May 6. Her water aerobics exercise and church commitments will continue as normal.