Community discusses Mount Rose Highway safety concerns

Published: May. 17, 2018 at 12:36 AM PDT
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Around 14,000 cars travel the Mount Rose corridor every day, according to the Nevada Department of Transportation, and for many the intersection of Mount Rose Highway and Callahan Road is just that, an intersection. But not for the people who live nearby

Earlier this month, two people were killed in a


"I was deeply saddened and deeply disturbed by that crash," said Thor Dyson, NDOT District 2 Engineer.

NDOT says it was the third accident in five years, the seventh in the last ten years. It has residents worried about the increased traffic.

A meeting was held Wednesday night to talk about the safety concerns along the highway. NDOT, Nevada Highway Patrol and other officials discussed possible solutions to fixing the intersection.

Some people want a quick solution such as a stop light, but NDOT’s Dyson told the crowd since the funds are limited, it's best to have the facts to support what should be done to the intersection.

"The last thing NDOT wants to do, and I think the last thing the community wants is to do, is something as a mitigation measure and make the situation worse," said Dyson.

A few people in attendance agreed with that approach.

"Very reassuring. That they are not going into it to throw up everything to calm people's fears, let's do it right," said Todd Cleary, Rolling Hills resident.

Others had a different thought.

"Instead of coming up with a long-term approach to this problem, we should be looking at other things that we can do today," said Duane Warth, Callahan Ranch resident

The crowd was told that an NHP presence on the highway would increase, but also urged locals to follow the speed limit and leave early until a permanent solution is found.

"Let's find the very best situation for the area that we have, not just Callahan and the Mount Rose intersection, but the whole corridor," said Dyson.

Dyson says surveys such as signal warrant analysis, speed study, Road Safety Audit and Intersection Control Evaluation will be conducted on the Mount Rose Highway between Timberline Drive and South Virginia Street.

Once they get the results, another meeting will be called.