Community clean up at Paradise Park

Published: Jul. 21, 2019 at 3:46 PM PDT
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KTMB and the World Mission Society Church of God came together to remove litter and debris from Paradise Park in Reno.

"The church came to us a few weeks ago and said they wanted to get out in the community and so we came to Paradise Park here and we are doing a beautification and clean up," Matt Weber, of KTMB, says.

The combined effort aims to restore the park so that families and children can enjoy it.

"This park used to be so pretty from what I've heard and nowadays a lot of families and moms and dads with kids can't really come here because there is so much litter and debris and trash everywhere and I'm here to make a difference for the families and the Reno community so that everyone can enjoy this beautiful park," Jaynna Davidson, a member of the church, says.

The main focus right now is to remove the littler and then move to eventually improving the landscape.

"I think the environment has a big impact on people and if you're able to do something for others you know it's a good way to shine glory for God," Margaret Monjerovic, another member, says.

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