Safe Embrace coaches boys into men

Published: Feb. 24, 2018 at 3:34 PM PST
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Safe Embrace's 'Coaching Boys Into Men' program uses the unique coach/player relationship to prevent relationship abuse, sexual harassment and sexual abuse among young male athletes.

"What we're trying to do plain and simple is develop character," John Malcolm of Safe Embrace says. "We're trying to develop these guys to become better men."

Coaches can easily implement the program by using a card series kit that is geared toward a different topic each week. The topics range from communication boundaries to insulting language to relationship abuse and consent.

"Coaches have been very pro on doing it," Malcolm says. The program has been in schools around the country for the past 10 years but this is the first year it's coming to Northern Nevada.

The program will be implemented this spring at Galena, McQueen, Damonte Ranch, Sparks and Reed high schools, as well as at Billinghurst, Swope, Cold Springs and Pine middle schools.

The program is also approved by the CDC.

"It's evidence-based and you know it's pretty hard to argue with science," Malcolm says. "Especially in the world of coaching, if you have something evidence-based, you can't really go against it."