City of sparks displays paper crane art piece

Published: Dec. 19, 2019 at 7:45 AM PST
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The city of Sparks will display an art piece Thursday with the David J. Drakulich Foundation. The display is housed at the Alf Sorensen Community Center.

The art piece is called Peace is the Final Victory and entails 1,000 paper cranes made out of decommissioned military uniform. The piece has been over a year in the making and was made by veterans and the community.

It was temporarily housed at the Galaxy Theater in Sparks earlier this year. The piece has since been in storage and artists have revamped the piece by adding more paper cranes and a mural at the center.

Vietnam Veteran and artist Gene Hughes was part of the project. He said 1,000 paper cranes have a symbolic meaning. "It is an ancient Japanese tradition that says if you do 1,000 paper cranes then those 1,000 blessings will come to you."

Hughes said art projects like this are meant to bring veterans and the community together. “This is a permanent reminder between veterans and the community."

He added, "Veterans by and large isolate themselves when they get out of the military. They are dealing with a lot of issues. Anytime the community can draw the veteran out so that they can reintegrate into the community is a wonderful thing."

The city and art foundation will have a reception at 11 a.m. to showcase the piece.

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