City of Sparks opens 33 jobs

SPARKS, NV (KOLO) - The City of Sparks has job openings and they're up for grabs. According to the Assistant City Manager, Doug Thornley, it’s been years since the city has seen an uptick in job openings. “It’s the most that’s happened in a long time.”

City of Sparks has more than 30 job openings.

Not all the jobs have yet been posted, so keep checking as listings are added by the city.

Thornley said just over 3.5 million dollars was approved for the 2020 fiscal year to help fund 33 new positions.

“An improving economy, economic expansion in the region have afforded us the opportunity to create these new positions," said Thornley.

Those positions include openings in the police and fire departments, finance, human resources, community services, municipal court, and parks and recreation.

He said, “In general when you look at new jobs that are created they tend to trickle out at ones and twos, but 33 is a lot.”

The 33 new positions will cause a domino effect for more openings within the city. Thornley said, “A little more than 60 positions that are going to come open, 33 of those positions are new in that they didn’t exist last year.”

He continued, “The balance will be positions that open up either through retirement, or through people exploring other opportunities or through promotions.”

Thornley said the city has a goal to fill all of these positions by February 2020.

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