City of Sparks asking for community input for pet memorial

SPARKS, NV (KOLO) - The City of Sparks is building a Pet Memorial in Sparks Marina Park for pet owners to honor pets who have passed away by attaching pet collars to a grid. The memorial will also include an original poem chosen by the public. Community input will be open until Aug. 26. You can vote here.

"It's a place where people will be able to leave dog tags, collars and other memorabilia based on their past experience with their dogs," Francine Burge, from the City of Sparks, says.

Burge came up with the idea after seeing a dog collar attached to a fence along Steamboat Ditch Trail while she was walking her dog.

"They create a tie to the place and to be able to create a memento of a dog that used to walk here on a daily basis, I think, brings comfort. But I want to open it up for anybody who has lost a pet. It gives them a chance to memorialize that relationship," she says.

Rick Funston says it's a great idea and believes it will bring comfort to many pet owners.

"Dogs are like part of the family, it's kind of too bad when they lose a dog or an animal, it's too bad so I'm glad they're making a memorial here I think that will be great," Funston says.

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