City of Sparks prepares for seasonal flooding

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SPARKS, Nev. (KOLO) Sparks officials met with their emergency management team Tuesday, to go over the city's flood response action plan.

"We take flooding very seriously and I feel we are very prepared," says City of Sparks representative Kevin Porter.

The city made a major flood prevention move by completing the North Truckee Drain Realignment Project in June 2018.

"Problems that we've seen in years past due to flooding actually have contributed, were contributed, by the alignment of the North Truckee Drain, before we diverted it into a concrete box underground," says Porter.

The city wants to put the community at ease and reassure residents that it is ready, more than ever this year, and will continue to prepare for the coming winter months.

"Just because we have completed the North Truckee Drain Project,” says Porter, “Doesn't mean that we let our guard down or that we cease preparing for the potential for a flood event.”

90 percent of the mitigation project in Sparks was funded by local residents.

City officials say if you have concerns about a possible flood area in Sparks to contact them directly.