City of Reno celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day for the first time

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -- For the first time on the 'second Monday' in October, the city of Reno is celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day.

Image Source: MGN

The change comes after the City Council unanimously passed a resolution changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day during its October 2nd, 2019 meeting.

The city’s Human Rights Committee recommended keeping Columbus Day and adding on Indigenous Peoples Day, but the council instead went with Indigenous Peoples Day.

Council member Oscar Delgado said during the meeting, going with Indigenous Peoples Day acknowledge that the city is “rejecting Oppression and Systematic Racism.”

Council member Devon Reese says it a way to recognize, respect and honor the importance of the first nations and indigenous people.

"The truth is, it's not pitting two groups against one another. It's recognizing the inherent cruelty of the particular day and saying what we can do to rectify the past wrongs," said Reese.

Many Americans, the second Monday in October is an opportunity to celebrate Italian heritage and Christopher Columbus's 1492 voyage to the Americas.

But resistance has grown, as numbers of cities replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day.

Some people in Reno agree with the change.

"It's a just change and I am for it. I'm fine with that. I think that is what life it about, growing and growing with change of what comes up," said Joanne Rossman.

"I think it should be celebrated from here on out with the same type of vigor that they did for Columbus Day," said Jeni Scholtz.

Other were impartial about the idea.

"I think people in general are just going to honor who and however, which they want to do," said Jeff Bryant.

With this change, Reno joins other cities across the U.S. like Washington D.C., Minneapolis, Seattle and more. Also, South Lake Tahoe made the changing early 2019.

An event celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day is expected to be held at the Reno City Plaza.

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