City issues citation to Ace Motor Lodge

RENO, NV (KOLO) - After receiving a complaint of horrific living conditions, the City of Reno has issued the Ace Motor Lodge with a citation. The citation requires the landlord make improvements immediately.

"Did an inspection of the property there are bedbugs, there are roaches and we ordered that he immediately hire a licensed contractor, an exterminator to exterminate that room and the two adjoining rooms," Joseph Henry, a senior code enforcement officer, with the City of Reno, says.

At least two tenants say their rooms are infested with bedbugs, cockroaches and black mold.

This isn't the first complaint against this motel. City officials say another one was filed back in October of 2018.

One tenant, who wished not to be identified for fear of retaliation from the landlord, says things have only gotten worse in his time living at the motel.

"I have bedbugs, so many roaches and they just come from everybody's room when he bombs and all it does is make them mad and they come in," the tenant says.

He says there's only one solution.

"Close it down you know, I saw this thing where I think it was the mayor saying she's tired of these places because of all the other motels torn down and they can raise prices and not improve the building," he says. "It's deplorable."

Henry says that an exterminator did come to the property and to get this place up to code, he will require an ongoing treatment program for the motel going forward.

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