Churrasco Brazilian Steakhouse reopening tonight

Published: Jun. 11, 2020 at 8:30 AM PDT
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After being shut down for nearly three months, Churrasco Brazilian Steakhouse in Reno is reopening tonight.

"We were doing so great, and then suddenly had to stop," said general manager Edson Perreira.

The restaurant opened in late February, but was shut down by the pandemic just about 40 days later. Weeks, then months went by.

"You'd be home and be like when are we going back to work," admitted Perreira.

A lot of the staff moved to Reno for this job, and were given loans from the owners to help them get by. They also took a big hit to their revenue, donating their meat and produce supplies to local charities, like St. Vincent's Dining Room and the Nevada Youth Empowerment Project. But they'll finally reopen their doors; welcoming back both employees and guests.

"I'm so excited," added Perreira. "I want to see the first guest walk in. I want to say hi, welcome."

There are some safety measures and restrictions in place. They will only serve up to 50% occupancy, and will place diners six feet apart. There's also temperature checks at the door, and the staff will be wearing masks and gloves. And one of their popular destinations is now off-limits.

"Our guests are not going to be able to go to the salad bar," warned Perreira. "We will have one of our staff members serve them at the salad bar."

But you will still be able to eat the dishes at the middle isle. And the table-side meat carving that makes it so unique, will continue. Although that too has become more difficult due to this pandemic.

"We used to pay $3 per pound, now we're paying $6-8 a pound. Same meat."

Despite that, the menu prices are the same as before. Those costs won't be passed on to the consumers.

"We didn't want to increase the price, because we know how everyone's situation is right now," continued Perreira.

is located at 50 West Liberty Street, across from the federal building on Virginia Street.

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