Churchill County solar plant has grand opening

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HAZEN, Nev. - (KOLO) The Cyrq Patua Solar Plant officially opened August 31, 2017. The 84-acre facility is next to the company's geothermal plant and the two are now integrated.

"That's a 30 MW geothermal plant so it's taking hot water from the ground and converting it to electricity 24 hours a day," said Cyrq CEO Nicholas Goodman. "The solar facility makes electricity when the sun shines, so when the sun is out on a glorious day like today, we have an additional 10 MW of electricity being generated."

It's a $25 million investment that created more than a hundred construction jobs, many of them local. The facility was built in just three months and generated enough electricity to power 8,000 homes the day it went online.

"All of this goes on the grid; we deliver our energy to the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, but it goes on the grid here and makes its way west," Goodman said.

There are plans for more renewable energy projects across the state.

"Since I've been Governor we've seen more than $6 billion in investment in renewable energy in Nevada," said Governor Brian Sandoval. "Churchill County is very unique because not only do we have solar here, we have geothermal as well so it really is ground zero in terms of what we're able to do with renewable energy."

It's something else that's adding to Nevada's renewable energy portfolio.

"I think Nevada is and will continue to be a national leader with regard to renewable energy," Sandoval said. "This project is the perfect example where we get to build it here, have the investment here and have the jobs here and then we export the energy to California. It's a win/win for everyone.