Christmas tree shortage may drive up prices

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -- Thanksgiving is over and now the Christmas season is here. That means many people will be on the hunt for that perfect Christmas tree, but it could be harder to find this year, if you wait too long.

ABC News reports a shortage of Christmas trees, after fewer were planted in the year 2007 during the great recession.

Some Christmas tree lots in the Reno-Sparks region are experiencing a shortage, but not all.

Richard Schmitt owns Silver Valley Christmas Trees near Pyramid Highway and he is also a Christmas tree farmer. Schmitt says he knew there was going to be a shortage this year and that is why he ordered early.

"Initially, even shopping in January, I thought I was going to be short as well. Every now and then, you catch a break," said Schmitt.

This year he received 1,200 trees, which is 50% more than he expected to get. Schmitt says with the shortage, customers will likely pay more, but it's not all about supply and demand.

"Ultimately it still balances out with the economy because inflation is going to keep the prices driving up. So even though it feels like these prices are blowing up, realistically the market is balancing out natural like it always does," said Schmitt.

Schmitt recommends people buy their trees early, before supply runs out. He says depending on the type of tree, he believes the shortage is expected to last about five years.