Cats rescued from Camp Fire up for adoption in Reno

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Twenty-three cats have arrived at the Nevada Humane Society after being rescued from the 2018 Camp Fire in Butte County, California. The cats were previously in the care of the Alley Cat Allies Recovery Center and the Field Haven Feline Center.

"When the call came, they said okay, we have a group of cats that have been displaced and we can't find their owners. Will you take them?" Greg Hall, of the Nevada Humane Society, says. "We're so happy to do so. We arranged for a transport, went down there, picked them up and now they're here."

After a 10-day hold, the cats will be up for public adoption.

"Most of them are in good health, but there are some medical procedures that need to be done," Hall says. "One has a leg that will likely need to be amputated but otherwise they're stressed, they need homes, and we can help them with that."

Hall says while some tend to lean toward adopting younger cats or kittens, these older cats have a lot to offer.

"Cats who are older are very well-behaved and active in their older age, but with respect to this particular situation, it's just so important the older cats have gone through this traumatic circumstance, that adopter will be very happy," Hall says.

He also says the Nevada Humane Society expects to get more cats from the Camp Fire in the coming months.

"We've established a partnership with Alley Cat Allies and Field Haven, so there will be more coming. Hopefully they'll be reunited with their owners, but if not we're happy to help out."