Carson range to get user fees, wildfire prevention

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CARSON CITY, NV (KOLO) Target shooting has become a fairly common cause of wildfires.
They've even happened at recommended public shooting ranges.

Last year... shooters at the Carson City Rifle and Pistol Range touched off a 200 acre fire and already this year there have been two small fires there.

The range itself is in need of some safety upgrades. So, the city has sought and received some grant money and commissioned designed improvements.

Most of the planned changes are aimed at making it a safer venue for recreational shooters, but it will also be more fire resistant.

"We are working with the fire department and our partners to do a fire break," says Parks and Recreation Director Jennifer Budge. "So should there be a fire at the range that we wouldn't have that spill off into surrounding areas. but these improvements will help contain any wildfires as well."

Beyond the fire break, some revegetation with fire resistant native grasses is also planned.

But another change is also in the works.

The range has been open to the public for free.

In order to pay for some of the improvements and extend operating hours, the city is planning on charging fees for its use.

Atask force was meeting work on their recommendations for the fee schedule.

The amounts they approved are less than Washoe County, but more than neighboring Douglas County.