Carson community raising money to keep history alive

Published: Dec. 27, 2019 at 11:31 PM PST
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The expansion of a gas station may lead to the end of a historic building in Carson City, but there is now a fundraiser to help preserve this piece of our past.

More development continues in Northern Nevada, but with a lack of land, president of the Carson City historical society Jeff Loflin said the battle to keep our Silver States history alive is becoming a challenge

"History plays a vital role in our everyday lives, in everybody’s lives, we learn from our past so we can learn to make better choices over our future," said Loflin.

Loflin along with his board has created a fundraiser to preserve the 155-year-old building. Located on the corner of Carson and John St., Adele’s restaurant was described as the ultimate community hot spot, but after a fire that closed the restaurant in March, the owners were unable to cover the cost to rehabilitate it.

A special use permit was approved for the gas station next door to expand into the property which would require removing the home.

"Smell the old wood, look at the artifacts, look at the beautiful architecture, and that makes a common cultural connection for everybody, everybody in Carson City," Loflin explained.

Jacksons Food Stores Inc. is in charge of the project and is offering the home for free to anyone who would like to move it by March 1, 2020.

In order to make funds available for the future building owner, the Carson City Historical Society has set a

page with a goal of 100,000 dollars.

"We have lots of tourists coming through and lots of people from out of town, all over the world, they come just to visit our state capital and the more we tear these buildings down the less incentive they have to come to Carson City," said Loflin.

Across the street from Adele’s, is Carson City Mattress where owner Chaz Feilen said this restaurant was so well known he would use it as an indicator to let others know where his business was located.

"Downtown Carson City, this is pretty much where it begins and holding that historical value and these places along the main street holds a value for Carson City itself," said Feilen.

A building that for many is irreplaceable and its loss would leave an emptiness in the heart of Nevada’s capital.

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