Boy sends message to 'Mommy in heaven,' gets answer

Published: Apr. 23, 2019 at 10:19 PM PDT
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March 8, 2019, the Boling family lost a mother, daughter and sister. Detectives say

was killed in a car crash near Bowers Mansion. A few days later, her son, Travis, wrote a letter addressed to "my mommy in heaven."

"Travis wanted to write a letter to his mom and asked me how mommy would get it in heaven so we just stuck it in an envelope and mailed it and did't really think anything of it," Jodi Boling, his grandmother, says.

The day before Easter, employees from the Carson City Post Office showed up with Easter baskets and a bunny.

"I realized that someone got the letter and got it over to his mommy--- and just a lot of tears and meant a lot that someone would go out of their way for him meant a lot to all of us," Jodi says.

Travis now takes the bunny he got everywhere.

"It's my mommy bunny and it's my only favorite stuffed animal in the whole entire world," he says.

Travis's grandfather, John Boling, says he knew the letter was sent but never expected this delivery.

"You know he was very happy that day and that's what it's about for us is keeping him happy as his mommy would have wanted," John says.

Kirstyn Boling is Travis's aunt. She says what the post office did has helped her family believe again.

"For helping a six-year-old boy have an Easter... I just have no words," Kirstyn says.

Travis's family says he continues to write letters and draw pictures for his mom.

"Our hearts are broken and we were lost and, you know, we got a lot of questions and this just kind of restored our faith to believe," John says.

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