Car care clinic for women just in time for winter

Published: Dec. 4, 2018 at 5:55 PM PST
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Rochelle Mejia works at CoAuto in Reno. She describes her job this way.

“It is kind of like going to the doctor's office. You have a medical assistant that relates everything to the doctor. And then the doctor talks to the medical assistant and the medical assistant relays all the information to the patient. And when they relay it, they make sure they educate them on what they are doing and what is necessary,” says Mejia.

When asked to lead a women's car care clinic, Rochelle knew she would be the perfect match.

“We are going to educate them,” she says.

The clinic hopes to educate women on the basics of car care, and getting comfortable around vehicles.

“So also informing people that if it is anywhere in the cross thrashed area you are okay,” says CoAuto owner Vinnie Lucido, as he shows us the oil dip stick.

Participants will learn how to check fluids, and how to add fluids if it's determine the fluids are low.

“Sometimes it will be blue,” says Lucido as he points to the windshield wiper fluid top.

What makes the class unique is that mechanics will not only bring in each participant's car to look at and work around, but cars completely different from their own.

“And I'll try to use American, European, as well as German and Asian cars. So I want to make sure everyone understands each different type of vehicle,” says Mejia.

Other aspects of car care include windshield wipers, and tires. In the winter time they are both crucial for safety.

“That's the check engine light,” says Mejia as she points to an illuminated light inside the car.

Participants will learn about the icons on the instrument panel.

The three-hour class will also help women determine a qualified mechanic shop from one with questionable credentials. As they say at the shop, knowledge is power. It's also smart.

The class isn’t just about oil and grease; wine and appetizers will be served as well.

It goes from 5:30 to 8:30 Friday, December 7. Call: 775-360-5361 for more information.