'Car Wrap Scam' targets local driver

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SPARKS, Nev. (KOLO) Ron Bedera's hobby is building custom trucks. His latest creation is a tribute to law enforcement officers, a rolling memorial to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. As you might imagine, it's a popular addition to car shows and other special events around the West. It's also attracted a list of sponsors whose names and logos are proudly displayed on the vehicle.

So, when he first received an inquiry recently from someone posing as representing 5-Hour Energy drink wanting to pay him for putting their logo on the truck, it initially made sense.

"We're used to having people come to us or I will even go out and look for them myself."

The offer was $600 a week, which would go a long way to keeping the truck on the road going to events. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, until the mechanics of the deal emerged.

Ron received a check for $1950 and was instructed to deposit it, keep $600 as his first week's payment and send the remainder to a Florida address where supposedly the graphics were produced. That transfer to be made through a WalMart Moneygram.

"I'm thinking something's messed up."

And he was instructed to take a picture of the Moneygram receipt and send it.

"Talking to the lady over at my bank she says once they have that receipt, it has a tracking number and an account number, they could then transfer that money off that Moneygram anywhere."

The check--he discovered--was from a legitimate account, but had been stolen and was now canceled. Had he deposited it, then turned around and sent more than two thirds of the amount by Moneygram, he'd have been the latest victim of the "Car Wrap Scam".

"I mean somebody offers you $600 a week to put a logo on the side of your car, that's going to entice a lot of people. If you get a call or a text tell the guy to put it where the sun doesn't shine and move on."

Of course, he didn't move on, he called us he says hoping to prevent someone falling for this scam. And people have fallen for it.

Again, there are legitimate offers like this out there, but the Better Business Bureau says when someone wants you to do that quick money exchange, especially through a Moneygram or a gift card, that's a scam. When in doubt give them a call. They'll talk you through it.

You'll find more information on their website; click here.