Can Nevada Dems avoid an Iowa-like meltdown?

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RENO, NEV. (KOLO) -- After what the nation witnessed following the Iowa caucus, it would be surprising if Nevada Democrats weren't watching and sweating a little.

When Nevada launched its early caucus in 2008, party leaders here learned from the veterans in Iowa and adopted their model. And this year, they bought and planned to use the same app blamed for the chaos in Iowa. Volunteers were being trained in its use.

That plan has now been scrapped and we've been told the Nevada caucus will be old school--all paper no apps.

Still, there are reports that some "tools" will be used. They aren't explaining that term, but from what we're hearing electronic tablets will still play some role in the process.

Of course at this late date any changes raise concerns about the training of volunteers.

Party officials aren't answering any detailed questions, but the campaigns we've talked with say they're trusting the party to get it right.

"I know Iowa was a disaster, but I'm sure Nevada Democratic Party can figure it out. I'm not going to worry about it," said candidate Tom Steyer, campaigning in Reno Wednesday.

Sanders campaign regional field director Matthew Fonken says his staff is focused on job one.

"As a campaign we just have to continue to do the work that we've been doing. We're preparing our caucus volunteers and volunteers across the state to be prepared for caucus day."

And the campaigns say they are in close contact with the state party keeping their staff and volunteers up to date on caucus procedures which can be confusing in any case.

Some also credit Nevada Democratic officials with one innovation Iowa didn't use -- early voting -- which starts this Saturday and should ease some of the pressure a week later on caucus day.

Truth be told there's little else they can say or do. It's out of their hands and they have another job to do, making sure their people show up and hope along with everyone else that all goes well.

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