Camp Discovery an option for school breaks

RENO, Nev (KOLO) After just a week, Morgan Hertz has built an electric car. She holds a stylish head band with LED lights she also made herself.

“We had to do a thing called soldering, it is kind of like glue but stronger,” she says as she points to a portion of the head band.

She is one of dozens of kids at Camp Discovery at the Discovery Museum

The camp has been running for six years now, with kids taking their school breaks and instead of video games, they are woodworking, or learning how much weight an aluminum foil boat can hold.

The projects are science-based in one form or another.

“Looking at how they are working and how they are building stuff, I can tell they are having a good time," says Ezra Hall, another Camp Discovery Camper.

Kindergarteners all the way up to seventh graders participate. The older the children, the more responsibility they receive, such as using tools with supervision, of course, to learn how these tools work, and what they do.

There's also circuitry, and just plain-old elbow grease.
Students can go for one week, or a full two weeks Monday through Friday.

Asked what they did on their winter break, building bird houses and electric toys just could be the reply.