Campgrounds set to open following severe winter

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SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (KOLO) The winter weather has had an impact on many aspects of the Lake Tahoe area, and camping is no exception.

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As of now the situation varies depending on which part of the lake you visit.

The Tahoe state recreation area at north shore doesn’t open until May 25, and Meeks Campground on the west side of the lake reopens May 19 – both would have normally opened earlier.

But on the east side of the lake, some were ahead of schedule, including the Nevada Beach Campground – which opened 11 days ahead of schedule.

South lake campgrounds were also impacted by the snow, but have opened as well.

“It’s amazing how much snow we got, but also amazing how fast it melts,” said South Lake Tahoe Recreation Superintendent Lauren Thomaselli.

Greg Poulen of Tahoe’s KOA campground has been in the area for over 30 years and says this past winter was the worst he has seen, saying it was bad enough to alter the campground's main building.

“It looked like an optical illusion to me,” he said. “It had so much snow on it that we got out a measuring tape and there was a two inch dip in our roof.”

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