California earthquakes spur preparedness in Nevada

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RENO, NV (KOLO) From food, water, gear, and something to put it all in – there’s one place in Reno whose business it is to prepare you for the worst case scenario.

"I've met with the FEMA people before and they don't have enough supplies for 500,000 people,” said Paul Lessard, “so we encourage families to be ready.”

Lessard is a product specialist at Prep and Save, a survival store. He says several things have been bringing people in lately, and that includes the Argenta Hall explosion at UNR.

“I guess in schools they don’t teach them about that rotten egg smell, so they get the gas shut-off tools like we sell here,” he explained.

The earthquakes that have rocked Southern California have also been bringing people in.

“With earthquakes it can be from minor to severe so they don’t know what they need,” Lessard explained. “They have to get water because the water lines are gonna break, and they have to get food because the roads are gonna be impassible and the have to stay at their house and cook what they have.”

Lessard says the hottest seller of late has been a 72-hour food kit. It’s the size of a small lunch box, and it gives you enough food for three days, and can last 25 years.

And it’s clear that the business of being prepared has been successful, as Prep & Save recently relocated from a small out-of-the-way store in Sparks to a bigger and busier location across from the Peppermill.

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